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As the Prepdepo team, after making a detailed market analysis of the products you sell; We analyze the suitability for the product portfolio of Amazon platforms. After the sales strategy is determined, we create the ad placements and perform the ad optimization.


As the Prepdepo team, after making a detailed analysis of the market area and capacities of your products that you sell and want to market to the world;

Opening an account by analyzing the suitability of Amazon platforms to the product portfolio; After the sales strategy is determined, we create the advertisement layouts and perform the advertisement optimization.

By opening an international bank account, we create the appropriate basis for the payment exchange systems of the platforms.

We continue to monitor competitor and price studies on a monthly basis by performing competitive price analysis along with the platform’s commission rates and market research.

After determining the launch strategy of the products, we create monthly PPC (advertisement) and ACOS (cost/sales) optimization.

Focused on special days and sales promotion strategy for Amazon sales channels; By doing banner, slider and advertisement visual works on a regular basis, we create advertisements that appeal to the visual perception and settle in the memories.

Postings in the countries where the sale of the products is started; We increase the limits reached by the advertisements and regularly revise the title and description schemes by doing country-specific SEO compliance studies.

Other Services


Prepdepo, offers solutions for premium shipping as well as retail and seller fulfillment.


Prepdepo warehouse service range offers you tailor-made solutions by covering the sales strategies you need.


Prepdepo, provides all the services required for wholesale, also with no fee charged for accepting products.


Prepdepo, is with you at minimum cost to check your returned products and make them ready for sale again.


Prepdepo services are here to help you execute all arbitrage & dropshipping in the EU.


Prepdepo, offers other services at a reasonable cost and time so that you can sell smoothly in the EU.

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