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Store your products at prepdepo Warehouses and send it Amazon Warehouses as needed! Our Warehouse services are cheaper than Amazon Warehouse cost.
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Amazon FBA Service

Amazon is an E-Commerce platform with strict rules, so we prepare your products in compliance with Amazon’s rules and deliver them to Amazon Warehouses without errors. Quality Control, FNSKU labeling, Packaging, Bundling, Polybagging, Boxing, Shrinking, and many other requirements of our customers are prepared by our experts and shipped to Amazon warehouses as soon as possible.

If you sell heavy or large volumes of products, we can store them and ship them according to your schedule to Amazon warehouses. Therefore, shipping more products to Europe will both save you money and reduce your shipping costs.

One Rate Storage Fee

By shipping more products to Europe, you can simultaneously save money with Amazon and reduce your shipping costs. In addition, the price is fixed throughout the year.

Easy Monitoring

With Prepdepo software, our customers can view inventory and make immediate changes; create and track shipping plans anytime, anywhere.

Prepdepo prepares your products before sending them to FBA repositories and makes them “READY FOR AMAZON FBA”. We are here to share our experiences on FBA with you without any errors.

What Can We Do For You?

Detailed Check

All products delivered to our warehouse are checked by our Prepdepo team, and if any problems are detected in the products or parcels, the related customer is informed.


According to the demands of our customers, we change the packaging of their products.


When you need FNSKU labeling for products that you intend to send through FBA, Prepdepo will label your products according to Amazon’s standards or other sales platforms.

Package Combination

Prepdepo could combine or differentiate your product packages or seasonal changes according to your demands.

Adult Only Packages

Prepdepo can mark your special products as “Adult-only” and do sensitive packaging according to your request.

Additional Packaging

Prepdepo will make your products cost as little as one box before shipping, at your request, or at our direction.

* We do not charge any additional fees for accepting inventory from overseas manufacturers or third parties in Europe.

Our fees are transparent and there are no hidden costs. We perform all services very quickly.

Other Services


Prepdepo, toptan satış için gerekli tüm hizmetleri, ayrıca ürün kabulü için herhangi bir ücret talep etmeksizin sağlar.


Prepdepo Prepdepo depo hizmet yelpazesi, ihtiyacınız olan satış stratejilerini kapsayarak size özel çözümler sunar.


Prepdepo, toptan satış için gerekli tüm hizmetleri, ayrıca ürün kabulü için herhangi bir ücret talep etmeksizin sağlar.


Prepdepo, iade ettiğiniz ürünleri kontrol etmek ve tekrar satışa hazır hale getirmek için minimum maliyetle yanınızda.


Prepdepo hizmetleri, AB’de tüm arbitraj ve stoksuz satış işlemlerini gerçekleştirmenize yardımcı olmak için burada.


Prepdepo, AB’de sorunsuz satış yapabilmeniz için diğer hizmetleri makul bir maliyet ve zamanda sunar.

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