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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Prepdepo system work?

The seller, who is a member of our panel and wants to benefit from any of our services, creates his own customer panel name and password. By logging into our panel from the country he is in, he determines barcodes for the products (specific for him) to send to our warehouse. After the cargo is delivered to us, the entrance will be made by us, where the customer can read the products that reach our warehouse with readers and see them on the panel with special storage & racking process.

After this process, our customer will be able to carry out the desired operations according to his own sales policy, according to the instructions of the Panel. As a result, according to the customer's demands, the output of the products from our warehouse is finalized either by the end customer (B2C) or by delivery to another warehouse (B2B). Each transaction made by us is immediately notified to the relevant customer.

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