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You can manage all your sales and stock processes on online sales sites through the Prepdepo Seller Panel, and intervene when you need it; You will be able to ship your products through the panel in seconds.

Advantages of PREPDEPO Web Based Software

Minimizing errors

To save time

Reducing your costs

Realizing all stock and order management from a single panel

To perform your order and stock management processes by providing access from anywhere at any time.

Main Dashboard

For your products in the warehouse with our web-based Seller panel;

  • o    Stock control
  • o    Sales and product reports,
  • o    Ability to manage Fast Shipping, Cargo Tracking and  Return & Resale  services 

Product Input Panel

Possibility to introduce product information to the system in detail and quickly

Shipment Tracking Panel

Ability to monitor your Prepdepo shipping plans from a single screen

Physical Stocking Status of Products

Possibility to see the stacking of the products you send to Prepdepo on the shelf systems

Products Monitoring Panel

Possibility of viewing parcel-shaped products placed on the shelf from a single screen

FBM Products Tracking

Opportunity to monitor products that are ready for sale on the shelves on a single screen for FBM sales

Parcel/Pallet Shipping

Possibility to send the products you plan to send from Prepdepo to FBA warehouses, either in parcels or on pallets.

Additional Service Description

You can define additional services you want to the products you send from Prepdepo to Amazon warehouses.

Get DHL Tracking Number

Opportunity to get instant tracking number from DHL for the products you send to Amazon warehouses

Opportunity to get instant DHL tracking number for the products you sell as FBM from Prepdepo

Inventory Product Report

Opportunity to monitor the list of your products that you have sent from Prepdepo on a single screen

Submitted Product Report

Monitoring the list of your products that you have sent from Prepdepo on a single screen

Shipping Fee & Balance

Access to the details of balance uploads to your account and payments withdrawn from your account to Prepdepo

Shipping Fee Calculation

Opportunity to learn the shipping charges of the cargos to be sent within Germany or to the European region.

Storage Costs

Possibility to monitor Prepdepo storage costs on a single screen

Adding Marketplace

Possibility to manage the shipments of the orders by connecting the marketplaces on a single screen

Support Requests

Possibility to create demand through the panel for the supports you want the Prepdepo staff to do for you.

Why should you choose Prepdepo?

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As PREPDEPO, our biggest difference is our experience in the sector. The software is our own, very easy to use.

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